HAUTE AVIATION is synonymous with unparalleled safety, reliability and service.
Haute Aviation is a swiss „family boutique” Charter company, where confidentiality
and highest personal standard is the main focus and the passion of the CEO and
Lead Captain Alexander Tamagni, his wife Catherine Tamagni and the team.
We do charter, brokerage and management of Aircrafts.

Born in the Alps, bound for the world – our pilots are not only pilots but aviators
and experts for the mountains, where we are based.
With our fleet we love to connect the swiss alps with the world, but not only the
swiss alps. We think global. The new Phenom 300E was the best product to
complete the range of our fleet of a Global Express and PC12NGX.
With this fleet we cover Switzerland like domestic flights, Europe and the world.

We are eager to make your trip an absolute joy from start to the finish.
Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve.
We are looking forward to welcoming you on board.